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Disability Benefits

Disability retirement is designed for the member with a permanent disability. For either On or Off-the-Job disability, the benefit is payable for life, provided the member continues to meet the eligibility requirements. The member must notify the Plan of any change in status. This benefit becomes effective the first day of the month following the member's termination of employment with the City/DHHA because of the disability. The member must apply within 90 days of termination.

On- the-Job
If a member should become permanently disabled because of an accident or other medical reason in connection with the member's employment, the member may be eligible for an On-the-Job disability retirement benefit. This benefit would be based on the higher of 20 years credited service or actual service plus 10 years. In either case the credited service cannot exceed the service the member would have earned at age 65. There are no minimum years of service requirements for this benefit. To qualify for an On-the-Job disability, the member must:

1. Submit proof of a work-related injury;
2. Qualify for a disability benefit as determined by Social Security standards.

Off- the-Job
A disability caused by sickness or other medical reason not connected to the job, will be classified as an Off-the-Job disability. The Off-the-Job disability benefit is 75% of the benefit calculated for an On-the-Job disability. To qualify for an Off-the-Job disability, a member must:

1. Qualify for a disability benefit as determined by Social Security standards;
2. Have at least five years credited service with the Plan; and
3. Terminate employment with the employer because of the disability.

Temporary Early Retirement (pending approval of a disability application) is available to active, vested members who are at least age 55 (or at least age 60, for members hired on or after July 1, 2011). This benefit is designed to provide income to the member during the process of fulfilling the disability application requirements. Temporary Early Retirement is limited to two years.