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Plan Administration - The Plan is governed by a five member board appointed for six year terms by the Mayor of the City and County of Denver. There is also a four-person, nonvoting advisory committee of Plan members, three of whom are elected by the Plan membership and one who is appointed by the Career Service Board. The Executive Director, Heather Darlington, is employed by the Retirement Board to administer the Plan subject to the policies set by the Board and the Revised Municipal Code of the City and County of Denver.

Retirement Board Members: Diane Barrett, Maurice Goodgaine, Guadalupe Gutierrez-Vasquez, Lisa Zuniga Ramirez, Eric Rothaus
To contact a member of the DERP Retirement Board, please send an email to:

Advisory Committee Members: Heather Britton, George Delaney, Frank Fresquez, Andrew Luxen
To contact a member of the Advisory Committee, please send an email to:


Contributions to the Retirement Plan - As of January 1, 2020, the City and County of Denver and DHHA contribute 15.75% of the employee’s total gross salary to the trust fund, and the employee contributes 9.25% of his or her total gross salary. The contribution made by the employee is on a pretax basis through payroll deduction. For example, if the employee’s gross salary per pay period is $1,500, the deduction per pay period would be $138.75 ($1,500 x .0925 = $138.75). The employer’s contribution per pay period would be $236.25 Together, the employer and employee contributions, plus income from investments, fund the retirement benefits for employees and their beneficiaries.

If an active employee terminates employment prior to being vested (ineligible for a retirement benefit), his or her accumulated employee contributions, plus interest, will be refunded in a lump sum. As an alternative, the terminated employee may roll over this accumulated contribution and interest to a qualified retirement plan account. Upon the acceptance of a refund, the terminated employee forfeits all years of service and any future retirement benefit eligibility. However, the terminated employee who returns to employment will receive credit for the years of service forfeited by repaying the original refund, plus interest.

If an active employee terminates employment and is vested (eligible for a retirement benefit) the contribution shall not be refunded. Instead, the contribution will be used to fund his or her future retirement benefit.

New Member Orientation and Retirement Information Meetings - Denver Employees Retirement Plan holds regularly scheduled Retirement Information Meetings for active members who wish to receive information about the Retirement Plan.  

If you are curious about your retirement benefits or thinking about retiring, consider attending one of the New Member Orientation Meetings or Retirement Information Meetings presented by the Denver Employees Retirement Plan to have your questions answered by the Retirement Plan staff. (In person meetings have been postponed until further notice.)

Informational meetings may be held for any City department. Talk to your department head about scheduling a time for Plan representatives to meet at your offices.  Members may also schedule an individual appointment with a Membership Services Representative. (Note - All meetings are currently being held via telephone or via Zoom.)

Fees for Fulfillment of Open Records Requests -

Statement of fees for fulfillment of requests made under Colorado’s Open Records Act (Colorado Revised Statutes § 24-72-201 et. seq.):

For a request that will require the production of more than 25 pages of documents, or more than one hour of staff time to locate or produce responsive records, DERP will charge fees in accordance with C.R.S. § 24-72-205 and any other applicable law.

For requests where DERP expects more than 25 pages will be produced and/or more than one hour of staff time will be consumed in fulfilling the request, DERP will provide the requestor with advance notice and an estimate of the cost of fulfillment. Such costs must be paid in full prior to the production of records, unless alternative arrangements have been made and agreed upon by DERP. If the actual cost of production exceeds the initial estimate, the actual cost will be billed to the requestor and the requestor will be required to pay that cost prior to the production of any records. 

When the number of pages produced in response to a request exceeds 25 pages, DERP will charge $0.25 per page for all documents copied.

When producing records consumes more than one hour of staff time (including research, review, retrieval, or redaction), DERP will charge $33 an hour for all staff time spent in excess of one hour. 

In extraordinary cases, the use of a third-party contractor may be necessary to compile the requested records.  If such is the case, DERP will notify the requestor in advance and may charge the requestor the cost of any third-party contractor fees. This cost must be paid in full by the requestor prior to the production of any records.