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Core Values of the Denver Employees Retirement Plan

In fulfilling our Mission and Vision, the Plan will:

- Adhere to diligent and prudent processes
- Approach issues in a proactive and strategic manner
- Communicate effectively
- Cultivate accountability to each other and to all who rely on us
- Demonstrate sound leadership in governing and managing the Plan
- Ensure compliance with fiduciary standards of conduct
- Exhibit professionalism
- Foster teamwork and depth of knowledge through the pursuit of continuous education
- Proactively engage all key audiences within our operating community
- Maintain the transparency required and expected of a public retirement plan
- Operate with integrity in all our business practices
- Respect diversity and different points of view
- Safeguard the security and confidentiality of members' data and personal information
- Strive for innovation and continuous improvement
- Take responsibility for our decisions and actions